The Customer who deposits luggage at the site in via Solferino n. 6/C signs a contract with Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l., in the person of its legal representative, with registered office in via Triumplina 14, Brescia.


The "Terms and conditions of service" established by Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. must be understood and considered an integral part of each individual deposit contract and cannot be separated from the contract itself. By storing your baggage, you accept the Terms and Conditions set out in the storage contract on your own behalf and/or on behalf of a third party.


The luggage storage service consists in the rental of automatic cabinets for the custody of luggage/personal belongings at the premises for the period selected by the customer himself at the time of booking.


Suitcases, baskets, bags, travel bags and the like, keys, personal items, documents are accepted, within the limit of the capacity of the single deposit. The Customer ensures that the baggage deposited by him is tightly closed. Luggage is brought in by the Owner as well as by the material owner of the baggage itself.


It is not allowed to store items prohibited by law and/or considered dangerous under national legislation, as well as items that by their nature or packaging may cause damage to persons, the environment or other baggage carried and/or stored. We do not accept the deposit for goods that, at the sole discretion of Brescia Infrastrutture, are considered dangerous. It is not allowed to deposit:

  • baggage containing goods or materials that are highly flammable, perishable, smelling or that may cause deterioration of the luggage storage or damage to other baggage;
  • live or dead plants and animals;
  • money, jewelry, precious metals, objets d'art;
  • rubbish;
  • firearms and/or edged weapons;
  • narcotic or psychotropic substances;
  • pornographic or indecent material;
  • items that by their nature or packaging could cause damage to humans, the environment or other baggage;


The Customer is required to check the weight of the baggage, which cannot exceed 50 kilograms, and the size of the same (87 x 58 x 44 cm). Any baggage exceeding the maximum limit will not be accepted and the reservation may be cancelled.


Access to the deposit is limited to persons over the age of 18 or accompanied minors. The premises are remotely controlled and equipped with video surveillance active 24 hours a day. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises. The Customer accepts that Brescia Infrastrutture and/or any Government Authority has the right to open and inspect baggage at any time for security reasons.


The depot opens and closes according to the bus station timetable: 5:00 23:00 365 days a year. It will not be possible to access during the closing time of the bus station.


Every evening, at 23:00, when the luggage storage closes, all luggage not collected by users will be removed. On each object not withdrawn a label will be applied for each vacated compartment to have the identification information (date/time deposit, looker reserved). For security reasons, any item or baggage forgotten and/or found and unclaimed will be destroyed after 7 days from the end of the booking. In case of request to send the forgotten baggage, the Customer assumes all costs related to the shipment. A penalty of € 35 per day plus shipping costs will be required, which depend on the weight, destination and shipping method (ordinary mail, UPS). The user to request the forgotten baggage should write an e-mail to info@bagsoff.it and must necessarily have the code and reservation information.


The luggage storage is configured as a deposit without garrison staff, but with only access to users. The room is closed with burglar-proof window, lock with electric meeting and panic handle. All lockers are controlled with an alarm system connected to local authorities and private surveillance; They are also equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, networked with a control centre and private surveillance.


The customer warrants and declares that:

  1. the address and contact details have been accurately stated on the storage receipt or online form;
  2. the contents of the baggage are sealed so as to be protected from normal risks of carriage, including any associated sorting and/or handling processes;
  3. the contents of the luggage do not cause damage to other luggage carried and/or stored at the depot;
  4. the contents of the baggage are not a prohibited item and the customer is not a person or organization with whom the Company cannot legally trade under applicable laws or regulations;
  5. all applicable laws and regulations have been complied with, in addition to the provisions of these conditions;
  6. the economic value of each piece of baggage including its contents does not exceed € 1,000.

The customer implicitly agrees to indemnify Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. and hold it harmless from any liability it may suffer, or from any costs, damages or expenses, including legal fees, that it may incur for the customer or for third parties and deriving from the violation of any of these obligations and guarantees, even if inadvertently accepted by the Company.


Liability for the risks of loss or damage to baggage during the period of custody at the depot is specifically attributable to the sole responsibility of Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l., will be governed by art. 1768 and n. 1770 c.c. and in any case cannot, in any objective and / or subjective circumstances, exceed the amount of € 500.00 per bag. For the part not covered therein by the rules of the Civil Code on the deposit contract, no responsibility is attributable to Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. in case of delayed baggage/s and/or not collected beyond the opening / closing hours of our premises. Therefore, Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. will not be in any way responsible in relation to damages duly and fully proven, which can be considered a direct and foreseeable or indirect consequence of the delay and / or failure to return. Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. will therefore not be liable for any loss or damage that the customer may suffer, regardless of indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages determined, including, by way of example, cases of termination of the contract, negligence, willful misconduct, or non-fulfilment. Brescia Infrastrutture will not be liable for non-fulfillment due to force majeure such as (the following list is purely illustrative and not exhaustive): earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, fires, diseases, fog, snow or frost, war, accidents, acts of terrorism, strikes, embargoes, local disputes or popular uprisings; national or local disruptions; hidden defects or defects inherent in the contents of the checked baggage; act or omission attributable to a public official; content of the shipment consisting of any item that is prohibited by law or according to the provisions of this contract, even if Brescia Infrastrutture had accepted the shipment and / or deposit in error. Brescia Infrastrutture will not be responsible for handles and / or broken wheels. The sole responsibility attributable to Brescia Infrastrutture in relation to the services provided is governed by these general conditions of conservation.


Brescia Infrastrutture will compensate the user for theft or damage to the baggage deposited at Bagsoff up to a maximum of EUR 500.00. This compensation will only cover any damage and/or loss directly attributable to Brescia Infrastrutture S.r.l. within the limits indicated above and is not applicable to carpets, tapestries, paintings, sculptures and similar works of art, silverware, precious items, jewelry, money, security papers, securities in general, collections and collections, archives and documents. Indemnification does not cover consequential losses, delayed deliveries or losses resulting from a breach of the customer's obligations under these terms and conditions and are not available for services that do not relate to the deposit. The above options do not cover the breakage of handles and/or wheels.


For any dispute the place of lawful jurisdiction shall be Brescia.