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Store your luggage.

The safest place to leave your carry-on!

BagsOff is the most convenient and safe place to store your luggage if you’re planning to visit the city.
You can store bags and suitcases inside a private locker. The halls are guarded by our operations center.
Security cameras are active 24 hours a day to insure your luggage in case of damage, theft, or vandalism.

Deposito bagagli a Brescia

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Each cabinet measures 87 x 58 x 44 cm and can support a maximum weight of 50 kg.


BagsOff is open every day from 5.00 am to 11.00 pm.



Book a Locker
Book a Locker

You can reserve lockers from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 8 hours, or for the entire day (5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the same day).

You can extend your reservation time by paying the difference at the Totem at the time of pickup.

Online Booking
Online Booking

Select the day and time you'd like to reserve your locker: click here to proceed to checkout.

Booking On-Site
Booking On-Site

You can also book your locker directly at the luggage storage.

Client Service
Client Service

For any information please contact info@bagsoff.it

Safe Payment
Safe Payment

We only use electronic payment methods (credit cards, debit cards, ATMs etc.).


BagsOff has a 24-hour security camera service for constant control of your luggage.

Points of interest

What can you do in Brescia without the weight of your suitcases?


Visit MO.CA, home of cultural associations, exhibitions, archives, and ateliers. A cultural center born
from the initiative of young communities.

It can be reached in 10 min by Bus or 13 minutes on foot.

Castle of Brescia

Explore the Castle of Brescia, one of the most fascinating fortified complexes in Italy and the second
largest in Europe.

It can be reached in 20 min by bus or 27 min on foot.


Visit the Capitoline Temple, the most important monumental testimony of the roman Brixia.

It can be
reached in: 12 min by Bus – 20 min on foot

Museum of Santa Giulia

Visit the Museum of Santa Giulia, unique for the importance of historical finds and for the highly
suggestive location.

It can be reached in: 12 min by Bus – 20 min on foot

Piazza Paolo VI

Stroll through Piazza Paolo VI, a magnificent example of medieval architecture, the heart of the city.

It can be reached in: 10 min by Bus 14 min on foot

Elnòs Shopping

Shopping and fun at Elnòs Shopping Centre!

It can be reached in: 23 minutes by bus


Meeting in Brescia2 or in the city center.

It can be reached in: 7 min by metro – 13 min on foot

Corso Zanardelli

A walk or an aperitif in Corso Zanardelli.

It can be reached in: 10 min by bus | 12 min on foot

Book your locker!

Book your box through our website and pay with your credit card. Receive your
personal code by SMS/e-mail. Use your code to deposit your luggage. Enjoy your stay in the city without the
weight of your suitcases.
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Travel without any hassles.

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